Wellness Wednesday – Weal World Travel

Weal World Travel
A holistic health guide for the independent traveller.

We are the aromatherapist, personal trainer and nutrition consultant for the traveller but why…?

Travel can be an exhilarating, amazing and inspiring experience. It can also be stressful, hazardous and expensive. Certain aspects of travel can cause anxiety and mental/emotional stress.  It can also disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and depress the immune system leaving it vulnerable to a host of ailments. These causes include but are not limited to:

  • jet lag
  • culture shock
  • customs and airport security procedures
  • financial distress
  • tropical diseases
  • homesickness

Complementary therapies, along with preparation and preventative measures, can help alleviate the effects of the above. They are a natural drug free approach that can be tailored to individual needs. Complementary therapies are meant to complement allopathic (i.e. conventional) medicine and should be used in conjunction with vaccinations, routine check-ups and a visit to the travel health clinic.

Aromatherapy, holistic nutrition and fitness can help to:

  •  efficiently  reset  the body clock
  • cope with stress and anxiety
  • build, enhance & support the immune system

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