Sister Sites

Kimberley’s Weal World – Wellness Concierge

Weal Food – Foods that Nurture & Nourish

Travel Blog – A Pachyderm, A Broad


Travel & Health Related Sites

Travel Advisories – Government of Canada website

Travel Health – Government of Canada website

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention – Travelers’ Health

IAMAT – International Association For Medical Assistance To Travellers

World Health Organization

Stuff Your Rucksack – Philanthropy and travel

Ten Thousand Villages – Fair Trade

Keep in touch

Twitter – Instant communication of my adventures

Facebook – Social networking about my adventures

Instagram – Wanderlust & Flour Dust – Vegetarian foodie adventures with a travelling baker. (That’s me!)

Instagram – Travel Ellie – Ellie Hubert, a travelling pachyderm, sees the world. (My trusty travelling companion.)

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