Wellness Wednesday – Sit-up and Lie Down

Wellness Wednesday

The second installment of the WWT rework of Lent looks at fitness.

Relinquish something in favour of a wellness promoting habit

Much is made about working the core. Some people tend to think of ab exercises as the main thing to do, often with the desired goal of obtaining a six-pack. The core is comprised of more than just the abs (abdominal muscles). To get a strong, fully functioning and well-rounded core, work the muscles of the abdomen, back and hips.

Give up…
the classic sit-up.


Replace with…
a full core workout.


  • the bicycle which works the obliques and incorporates a dynamic crunch (i.e. a sit-up)
  • reverse crunch (lifting hips off the ground while keeping the legs still)
  • plank, both side and front
  • superman (lying prone while lifting arms and legs off the ground while hips remain on the ground)
  • the pointer (on your hands and knees while lifting the opposite arm and leg to a horizontal position)
  • hip bridges

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