Wellness Wednesday – Transitional sprays

Last week I revived the very first aromatherapy blend I created in aromatherapy class. Our assignment was to make a room spray and mine consisted of patchouli, lavender and eucalyptus. This spray has another purpose now. I use it as a transitional spray when coming inside after a frenetic and smoke-filled walk to work.

Essential oils can have a transformational impact on one’s mind and emotions. Sprays are a great way to harness this effect in a subtle and easy-to-use way. No more than 10 drops are needed in a 30mL bottle filled with water. Though essential oils are chosen based on certain properties attributed to them, personal preference also plays a role in choosing which oils to include in a blend. Here are the three types of transitional sprays I have devised along with some suggested oils.

I have arrived 

For travel to a different country, this spray will help acclimatize you to your new environment and time zone. Suggestions: grapefruit and peppermint for invigoration; lavender for calm

From outside in

For the need to disconnect from a stressful environment (eg the commute to work, current events, etc.) this spray will help restore a sense of calm, peace and groundedness. Suggestions: Any tree oils for grounding (eg cedarwood, balsam fir); lavender for calm; floral oils for peace (eg neroli, rose)

From inside out

When you need a boost to help deal with stressful situations, this spray  can evoke confidence and courage. Suggestions: cedarwood; bergamot

Looking for a customized blend? Consult with a trained aromatherapist, like me perhaps!


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