Wellness Wednesday – Carrot top

I must say I am quite enjoying my new carrot! It gives me encouragement for meeting my daily walking goal, congratulations when I achieve it and wellness tips at my fingertips.

Carrot rewards is a wellness app that rewards healthy behaviour. You can earn points two ways: walking and learning. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, carry it with you everywhere and your steps will be calculated. When you hit your daily step goal, you get a point and when you continue hitting your step goal you increase the amount of points you can earn. Short quizzes are offered periodically on the app and by completing them you not only earn points but also get some wellness knowledge and tips. For friends and family who also have the app, you can challenge them to a step-off for mutual encouragement (and a little friendly competition).

The points are accrued and credited to different loyalty programs such as Aeroplan (Air Canada), Petro Points (National gas station) and the Scene card (movies). Simply download the app, available for android and Apple, register your preferred rewards program and get walking!

Check out Carrot Rewards

Which wellness apps are your favourites?

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