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Just travel! Wipe out

I just watched a consumer affairs t.v. program that investigated three Canadian airlines for cleanliness. The findings? Your planes are filthy with bacteria, crumbs and yes fecal matter. And the dirtiest area? The headrest. Other places that were quite dirty were the seatbelt, tray table, arm rest, seat pocket and in-flight entertainment devices.

Four different reporters took a number of samples on the aforementioned areas and sent them to a lab for testing. Streptococcus was amongst the things found along with a used diaper, tampon and condom. It is thought that the fecal matter came from the tray table being used as a change table.

With what seems to be less service and higher ticket prices these days, a quick turn around for flights can mean they are not thoroughly cleaned nor sanitized between flights.

If you have been scared sterile, here are some natural ways to help clean your environment. All products with natural and less toxic ingredients are available.

  • Bring some anti-bacterial wet wipes and wipe down your seat, headrest and all, and tray table.
  • Hand sanitizer and an anti-bacterial spray* are must-haves when travelling and come in travel sizes to comply with in-flight regulations. Wash your hands before handling any food and where appropriate, spray!
  • Pre and post flight make sure to take immune enhancing measures (i.e. good nutrition, sleep, plenty of water, dosing of essential oils in bath/lotion).

*Essential oils of clove, red thyme (thymus vulgaris), lemon, tea tree and/or Manuka are my go-to oils for an all around potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral blend.

I don’t typically clean my seat area but after this I shall make it a habit!

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