Just Travel! The Parkbus

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover the Parkbus. For those based in the city and vehicularly challenged, this service, “Canada’s Bus To The Great Outdoors“, takes you on day and overnight trips outside of the city and into the great outdoors. Currently, the following cities offer transportation to a number of nearby national parks: Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Halifax, Vancouver and Edmonton.

My inaugural trip was to Elora Gorge. This conservation area 25 kilometres from the town of Guelph offers camping, hiking and tubing down the gorge. I personally wouldn’t call walking along the gorge ‘hiking’. It’s more an intense stroll and in warm weather is often quite crowded. It is still, however, a nice day out to escape the big smoke and retreat into a more natural environment.

The picturesque town of Elora is another stop on this route and if you are adventurous and quick, you can get dropped off at one place and picked up in the other. Depending on traffic, the ride should take no more than an hour and a half, from boarding time to arrival at the final destination. The bus I took was a school bus so sit nearer to the front, if you can get a seat there, to avoid a bumpy ride. Also, there are no bathrooms on board so keep that in mind if you show up with a huge cup of coffee.

I’m eager to check out more destinations offered through this service but will have to wait as the current season seems to have ended.

To learn more or book a trip, click the Parkbus link here.


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