The 12 Days of Travel Planning

Borrowing from memes of the holiday season, I have devised a list of (mostly) essential things to do for planning your trip. These twelve things need not take place on consecutive days nor in the exact order as below.

  1. Pick a destination. Consider the political climate, weather and type of trip available for your destination.
  2. Book your trip.
  3. Buy insurance for your trip. You never know…
  4. Get your documents in order for your trip. Is your passport up to date? Do you need a visa? If so, how long will it take to obtain one?
  5. Investigate diseases at your destination and any vaccinations you may require.
  6. Research your destination for things to do, costs and climate so you can prepare accordingly.
  7. Choose appropriate clothing to bring and make a list of other things you’ll need (toiletries, medications, etc).
  8. Do a money exchange so you have some cash in local or widely accepted currency for your arrival.
  9. Notify your bank, credit card company and family of travel plans.
  10. Do your final pack and make any changes necessary to streamline your luggage.
  11. Double check your flight/train departure times and go over your list of things to bring to make sure you have everything you need (prescriptions refill? enough toothpaste?)
  12. Clean your home ie take out the garbage, wash dishes, clean floors and clear your kitchen of perishable items. Who wants to come home to a nasty/smelly surprise?

Happy travel planning!

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