The Advent Challenge – December 10-16, 2017

Here are my suggestions for week two of the Advent Challenge.

  • Sunday December 10th: Light a candle for lost loved ones. (Today marks the one year anniversary of when my aunt Trisha passed away, a few weeks after her brother, my uncle Doug passed.)
  • Monday December 11: Donate some healthy canned items to a food bank.
  • Tuesday December 12: Take 5 minutes out of your day to just sit in contemplative silence.
  • Wednesday December 13: Do a couple sets of squats and lunges.
  • Thursday December 14: Soak your feet in warm water, Epsom salts and essential oils. Dry your feet then slather them in a natural emollient skin cream also made with essential oils.
  • Friday December 15: Partake in some holiday fruit jam; in pot slowly cook fresh cranberries, maple sugar, a pinch of clove and some orange zest and juice.
  • Saturday December 16: Go for a walk midday to soak up daytime light.

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