The Advent Challenge – December 3-9, 2017

It’s happening again; the display of decorated trees, snowflake lights and reindeer along with the endless hit parade of Christmas songs being played in many public places. Though I still put up Christmas decorations, happily accept gifts and eat an obscene amount of baked goods and sweet treats this time of year, I don’t really celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense. I am, however, constantly  surrounded by modern-day and largely commercial hallmarks of this holiday, including the ubiquitous advent calendar.

Advent is the time period leading up to Christmas Eve. It usually begins on a Sunday for which the date varies from year to year. Most advent calendars, though, start December 1. Besides eating the chocolate from both my advent calendars (yes I have two to get through this year!) I will be posting my own version of an advent calendar in the weeks leading up to December 24th. Every week will offer daily suggestions for wellness enhancing activities.

  • Sunday December 3rd: Begin the day with a sun salutation yoga practice. It only need take five minutes and you can check online for videos/instructions on what poses to perform along with the technique for doing them.
  • Monday December 4th: Buy a pomegranate, crack it open and enjoy eating the festive and antioxidant seeds.
  • Tuesday December 5th: Do a ten minute ab workout (front and side plank; sit-up and reverse crunch; bicycle).
  • Wednesday December 6th: This time of year, there are a variety of holiday celebrations. Support your intellectual wellness by learning about one of them (Yule, Kwanzaa, Chanukah…)
  • Thursday December 7th: Use essential oils in a facial steam. Put a towel over your head and keep your eyes closed as you lean over a bowl of hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender added.
  • Friday December 8th: Meet a friend/family member for a coffee (or other beverage) date.
  • Saturday December 9th: Take five minutes for some quiet time to meditate or reflect on pleasant thoughts.

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