Wellness Wednesday – Have Remedy Will Travel

The following link lists some natural healing remedies that the traveller may wish to include with their travel first aid kit. They are portable, widely available and easily incorporated into one’s wellness routine.

11 Must-Have Healing Remedies

Though natural remedies and folk medicine have been around since ancient times, there is still dispute over their efficacy. Current research using modern-day scientific methods are examining the impact that these remedies have on health.

Some studies and testimonials support the value of using natural remedies but in spite of this, it is worth noting the following about natural remedies:

  • Natural doesn’t always mean safe and effective.
  • Natural remedies are meant to be used temporarily.
  • More isn’t always better.

As always, consult with a trained professional for advice on appropriate remedies for your needs.

Happy & healthy travels to you all!

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