Just Travel! Budget-friendly tips

How do you make travel possible when you’re limited on funds? Check out the following tips:

  • Save on accommodation by staying at hostels. A membership yields a lower price and not all hostels are just for rowdy youth. People of all ages and families can make use of hostels but the popularity of use and quality of facilities often depend on the region. Australia, New Zealand and Europe have a vast network of well-run, clean and decent hostels. Canada and especially the US tend to be more hit and miss.
  • University dorms during summer months are an ideal option. Parking, breakfast and use of the gym facilities are often included as well as Wi-Fi. Universities earn income while students are away and you get a cheap place to stay! Bathroom facilities are usually shared.
  • Travel mid-week and avoid Friday/Saturday travel if possible.
  • Early morning and late night (red-eye) flights tend to be cheaper. You can always sleep on the plane.

Any tips you’d like to add?

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