The FIFA Series – Pura FIFA

The FIFA World Cup is well underway in Brazil. Here are some WWT travel tidbits for four of the competing countries:

Costa Rica
Living la “pura vida”! This team has been doing well in the World Cup as has the country itself. A relatively peaceful place with a stable government and no national army, Costa Rica is considered the Switzerland of central America. Modern amenities abound as do business opportunities for international investors and travel here is an eco-friendly paradise.
Tourism is a major income earner and the biggest draw is the natural environment. From active volcanoes to beautiful beaches and colourful wildlife, the nature-loving traveller will not be at a loss for something to do and see here.
The Zen of Travel
Pura vida is a local expression, transliterated as “pure life.” This expression can be used in greetings and exclamations but is more a state of mind that goes beyond its mere translation. No matter how glum life may seem sometimes, there is always pura vidaLive life and enjoy! (And travel lots!)
Visit Costa Rica

I do like my chocolate when I travel. It is like my security blanket on the road. A little bit of chocolate and some walking are just the things to sustain me on my explorations.
Belgium is definitely one of the top 5 destinations for chocolate lovers. Check out the following link:
Visit Belgium for Chocolate Lovers

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