I Gotta Be Making Tracks

It was the poster that got me; a woman, some camels and a desert scene. I was intrigued by the movie entitled Tracks. This film is based on the real life story of Robyn Davidson, a woman who set out to walk across the Australian desert with her dog and four camels in tow. A photographer, provided by her financial sponsor National Geographic, met up with her at various points along the way to document her journey on film. Robyn’s reflections and Rick Smolan’s photos became an article in National Geographic, the article turned into a book and many years later, the story was made into this film.

Convincing make-up and graphic cinematography of the Australian outback seems to capture the essence of Davidson’s experience. Some scenes were a little disturbing, but there were also some light-hearted moments to add balance. All in all, a film I highly recommend to anyone but particularly to those who identify with the following statement:

“And there are new kinds of nomads, not people who are at home everywhere, but who are at home nowhere. I was one of them. ” ~Robyn Davidson~

This film may very well inspire you to do some camel trekking on your next trip. The most popular places seem to be Morocco, India and Australia, with Egypt, Jordan and Dubai coming a close second.


“Camel trips, as I suspected all along, and as I was about to have confirmed, do not begin or end: they mere(ly) change form.”
~Robyn Davidson~


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“The two important things that I did learn were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision.” ~Robyn Davidson~

Article on Robyn Davidson in the Sydney Morning Herald

 “It’s important that we leave each other and the comfort of it, and circle away, even though it’s hard sometimes, so that we can come back and swap information about what we’ve learnt even if what we do changes us and…” ~Robyn Davidson~


 Did you know…?
Australia has the largest wild camel population in the world? (Guinness World Records)
And if you’re lucky enough to be here in July, check out the Camel Cup in Alice Springs. It is the dromedary version of the Kentucky Derby.
(Incidentally, I had my first up-close-and-personal experience with camels in Australia. I got to ride one of them for the first time and I got to attend the Camel Cup – and very entertaining it was too! I have had a tumultuous relationship with camels ever since.)


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