It’s the beautiful game in the beautiful country with the beautiful people. As you are probably already aware, Brazil is the host country for FIFA’s World Cup of Soccer 2014. Travel here insists on a visit to the Amazon jungle, a stroll down Ipanema beach to check out the barley-there swimwear and an obligatory picture of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to experience Carnival up close and personal in all its glory. However, it’s not all sequins and sambas in this country.

From rain forest destruction to poor treatment of the Indigenous population, Brazil doesn’t have a blemish-free track record when it comes to protective policies for its land and people. The rainforest here is said to contain an indeterminate amount of plants with medicinal value but now faces the threat posed by deforestation. Vegetarians travelling here may also be traumatized by the penchant for a meat-centric diet. No country or person is perfect though and travel helps us to balance perception with reality. So without further adieu, here is Brazil, the WWT way.

capeoria, samba dancing, soccer/football

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