Bottoms Up!

 An aperitif of drink destinations

All the tea in China 
Tea is second to water in the world’s most consumed beverage. It has been part of empires, ceremonies and culture. Tea destinations and experiences: Sri Lanka, Darjeeling, India; Japanese tea ceremony, Indian chai, Moroccan mint, etc.

While Starbucks is a widely known brand, they are mere amateurs in the coffee scene. From the discovery of a coffee tree by a goat herder in Ethiopia to coffee capitals around the world, you can experience much about culture and tastes through local coffee beverages. Coffee destinations and experiences: Ethiopia, Italy, Jamaica; the coffee capitals of Wellington, New Zealand and Seattle, Washington; Vietnamese, Turkish and Arabian coffee.


Of course there are also numerous alcoholic beverages around the world with the most common being wine and beer. Here are just a few destinations and experiences of these two drinks.

wine: red and whites all over the world plus winery tours in Australia, New Zealand, France, Chile, California and many more…

beer: Guinness in Ireland, beer in Belgium, Oktoberfest in Germany

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