Activism through Tourism

Just Travel! In Search of Travelling Shoes

All God’s children need travelling shoes
~Maya Angelou~

This was the book I read that made me want to travel to Ghana. It was written by Dr. Maya Angelou and just today I watched a documentary  on this phenomenal women.

I now have a mission to visit this west African nation, but not just as a tourist, as a volunteer. I had heard about a volunteer opportunity through an organization that has various projects in Ghana and Nepal. One such project is at the school for the Deaf. Though they state knowledge of sign language is not required, I think it should be, at least conversational sign. Learning the language of the local culture wherever you travel is respectful and helps enrich the travel experience through cultural exchange.

Ghana, however, has its own sign language which is distinct from ASL. American Sign Langauge (ASL) is used in most English speaking parts of Canada and the US.

Voluntourism is now a ‘thing’ and a burgeoning business in the specialty travel industry. It is a unique way to see and experience the world. If participating, make sure to research which companies are reputable, what the fees and requirements are along with the intended and actual impact of the volunteer positions.

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