The Survival Guide To Squat Toilets

When travelling in certain regions of the world you are bound to come across the squat toilet. For those unaccustomed to such a sight this can be a challenge.
The advantage is that you don’t have to sit on the toilet seat and your legs get a good workout too. And the downside? Take your pick. There are many and it depends on the individual as to which ones are the worst i.e. the smell, the non-flush aspect, the wet floor, no toilet paper, minimal lighting…
But when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy naturally when using the squat toilet.

Squat Toilet Survival Kit

• hand sanitizer
• toilet paper (preferably biodegradable)
• waterproof shoes
for women, a skirt is ideal but capris will do nicely too.
for men, trousers that aren’t too long
• strong leg muscles
• (towel)


• Breathe through your nose not your mouth.
• Do your business quickly and get out.
• Get all your accouterments ready before going in. If you can, leave your bag outside. There may be no place to hang it and you don’t want it on the floor.
• Belts and too many buttons are cumbersome. An elastic waistband is ideal.
• Though some form of running water is provided to clean your hands you may wish to use hand sanitizer to make sure they are really clean. There are some really good natural ones with or without the addition of essential oils.
• Ways to dry your hands are limited at best so have a towel ready or air dry your hands.

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