Canada 150 – We stand on guard 🇨🇦

July 1st 2017 marks the 150th year of Canadian Confederation. The founding four provinces were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec and Ontario with six more provinces and three territories adding to the confederation since 1867. Canada is now the second largest country in the world by size.

While many celebrate this momentous occasion, and the government spends an enormous amount of tax dollars on the celebrations, others are participating in ‘resistance 150’ events. For the Indigenous Peoples of this land, 150 years is nothing compared to the 10, 000 plus years they have been here. For them the last 150 years have not always been respectful of who they are.

I am a born and bred Canadian who has travelled to all ten provinces, lived in three of them and whose ancestors have been here several generations. Ironically, though, it is through global travel that I understand what it is to be ‘Canadian’; absence makes the identity clearer. So for the month of July I decided to share my experience and knowledge of the Canada that I grew up in.

Stay tuned for travel and wellness posts on Canada: travel destinations, interesting facts, fitness, fragrance, food, chocolate and more…




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