The Advent of Holiday Travel

Awhile ago I ran a December widget entitled the Advent of Holiday Travel: a checklist to prepare for a trip abroad. This can be applied to travel anytime of year, not just the holiday season. In case you missed it, here is the list again:

  1. Check that your passport is up-to-date. For most countries this means that your passport must be valid at least 6 months past the return date from your trip.
  2. Check at least a few months in advance to see if your destination requires a visa.
  3. Get your inoculations and travel medications in order. Visiting a travel clinic a few months prior to departure is ideal.
  4. Inform your bank about your trip dates so they can put a holiday advisory on your account and credit cards. Who wants to be overseas with no access to funds?
  5. Inspect travel documents (airline ticket, hotel/tour vouchers, etc.) for correct information. Make copies – one to keep on your persons and one to give to your emergency contact person at home.
  6. Arrange for bills to be paid up to date and mail to be collected for the duration of your trip.
  7. Buy travel insurance. A small price to pay for peace of mind and funds for unexpected medical expenses, trip interruption and lost luggage.
  8. Get cash! Have some local currency and popular currency (USD, Euros) in small denominations for your arrival.
  9. Research what you can expect from your destination: weather, local customs, attractions, etc.
  10. Determine how much money you will need and the form in which it is accepted: cash, traveller’s cheque, accepted bank cards, ATMs.
  11. Determine voltage at destination and make sure to have  appropriate plugs.
  12. Put together a first-aid kit customized to your destination.


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