A moment in time

“The social dimension encourages contributing to
one’s environment and community…it is better to contribute to the common welfare of our community than to think only of ourselves.”
Retrieved from The National Wellness Institute, The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model, June 16th 2019

From the buzzer beater (sports newscast parlance) to winning the sixth for the Six, it was a wave of energy that grew and spread throughout the country. Fans, bandwagon jumpers and people who were swept up in the joy of a magical moment will likely remember where they were and how they felt for years to come.

On Thursday June 13th 2019 the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, the first time in their 24 year history and the first time to happen north of the 49th parallel, ironically where the inventor of basketball is from.

How a Canadian Invented Basketball – HISTORY

The team that was not favoured to go all the way, but did, achieved it in a manner reminiscent of a feel-good happy ending story. It was the Canadian David to the USA’s Goliath and the mesmerizing synergy of a galaxy of star players orbiting around the plays of Kawhi Leonard that perhaps captured the imagination and hope of a diverse bunch of people country-wide.

As the team celebrated the victory they achieved together, the rest of us shared in this experience and got to bask in their glory for a moment in time.

My souvenir t-shirt is on its way…

Velociraptor Pictures & Facts – The Dinosaur Database

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