Wellness Wednesday – Well seasoned

It’s my birthday!

So many years ago on this day I was born. I was never one for big birthday parties but it is hard to let a milestone one go by without taking notice. We all get old eventually, if we’re lucky, and if we take care of ourselves (and with even more luck) we can be healthy too.

Whether it’s New Year’s, birthdays, a holiday or vacation, seasonal events are a good time to take stock of one’s lifestyle habits and revise health goals or just take a break from the usual regimen. It may seem cliché to do so (does anyone seriously make New Years resolutions these days?) but regularly updating your routine can be beneficial to your wellness. Bodies age and life stages require different inputs so take your cue from the seasons to reset your regime.

The following came about on my recent trip to Jamaica and my birthday pledge, besides eating cake, is to continue to:

  • eat even more veggies
  • drink more water
  • go to bed once (as opposed to falling asleep on the couch, waking up then going to bed)
  • ensure I get a daily dose of omega 3 fats and probiotics
  • do more yoga

To be evaluated at a later seasonal event…

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