DIY wellness

Wellness trips and retreats are becoming very popular these days. They are curated, often pricey and held in predictable destinations (eg Thailand, Bali, India). Yoga, healthy eating and healing practices are often the feature activities.

I am all about independent travel so a  DIY wellness trip that you structure according to your preferences seems a good way to get the benefits of this type of travel at a fraction of the cost.

DIY wellness trip tips:

  • BYOM, bring your own yoga travel mat. Do yoga anywhere anytime, either your own practice or one offered through an app; no need for a scheduled session or fighting for floor space.
  • If staying in accommodation with self-catering options, prepare your own healthy meals with local ingredients.
  • Bring some essential oils for use in a skin care regimen or as sleeping aids.
  • Book a treatment at a local spa. With so much information online you can shop around for something that suits you and your budget.
  • There’s nothing like a beach for quiet contemplation. Meditate on your plot of sand or find another inspirational spot in nature to do so.
  • A stroll in the park or botanical garden provides the benefits of both nature and some light exercise.

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