Just travel! Easy Ecuador

For Canadians travelling to this South American country Ecuador is quite accessible. The electrical outlets are the same, time difference minimal (actually the same time zone as Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto) and the flight times reasonable. Other pluses that make it fairly straightforward to travel here are the use of the American dollar as the national currency and the lack of distinct seasons. Ecuador’s proximity to the equator means the sun rises and sets pretty much the same time year-round with fairly consistent temperatures. Rain and then more rain distinguishes some parts of the year.

Once you get here prices are generally reasonable. Book at least a few days in Quito when you arrive to acclimatize to the altitude and see a few local sites. From there you can branch off to other areas. The terrain is varied so you can have a beach holiday, jungle experience, Indigenous encounter, naturalist observation, colonial city tour and go from the equator to volcanoes, cloud forest and jungle all in one compact area. The biodiversity here means medicinal plants and wildlife abound.

The only dodgy bits of which I was aware seemed to be pickpockets and walking in certain areas at night. Exercise sensible precautions: don’t flash your cash, be alert when walking and avoid carrying too many valuables. But if you must take your valuables with you, keep them well hidden and secure on your persons.

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