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Just travel! The afterglow

There is a runner’s high and when returning home from a trip there is a traveller’s afterglow. It’s a time to reflect on the experience you just had then plan for the next trip! I also find there are three activities necessary to do upon my return home and I use the energy of the afterglow to achieve them.

  • Detox 
    There is nothing like being away to give you incentive to rejuvenate your ‘clean’ eating plan. I like to drink lots of water, get plenty of veggies and have my greens powder with probiotics to help reset my system.
  • Disinfect
    Wet wipes are great for cleaning off my luggage inside and out. All the clothes that make it home with me go directly into the laundry.
  • Declutter
    Being away helps you realize how much you can live without. I have a renewed vigour to declutter my place so that I can focus more on collecting memories rather than things.

Do you have a routine when you return home from a trip?

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