Everyday Exercise

One need not be a gym rat nor possess special equipment to make a regular habit of exercise. Here are some truly functional ways to keep fit in everyday life.

  • Interval training can be achieved by walking then running as you near a light that’s about to turn red.
  • Carry groceries rather than wheel them to help with upper body endurance.
  • When taking the stairs walk every one, two or three steps at a time.
  • When getting out of a chair, squeeze your gluteal muscles upon standing.
  • Use commercial breaks to do a few quick exercises (ab crunches, plank, tree pose…)
  • Forgo the fancy equipment and use old-fashioned manual power in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning and gardening count as physical activity. Make sure to use good posture when doing your chores (i.e. bend from the knees and hips rather than waist/back; avoid rounding of the upper back).

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