Just travel! Montreal

It’s been awhile since I travelled and even longer since I blogged about it. When tasked with finding a reasonably close and affordable late summer getaway I decided on Montréal. I had been there several times on family visits when I was younger but now I returned as a tourist.

Accommodation is varied from hostels to hotels with a galaxy of star ratings. Often typical for last-minute bookings and high-season travel, prices can be steep, anywhere from $40-$400/night.

You can get to Montréal by plane, train and automobile, depending on where you are coming from. And don’t worry too much if your French isn’t up to scratch. Most people speak English, and they are prepared to do so, particularly in the tourist areas.

A great deal for getting around the city is the one day pass on the Metro, Montréal’s underground commuter train. For $10, you can take as many trips as you like in the 24 hours after you buy your ticket (billet in French).

Prefer to get around on foot? Me too! Walk the diverse neighbourhoods and take the stairs at St. Joseph’s Oratory; the devout can go up on their knees. Traverse Mont Royal Park and get some sweeping views of the city. Check out the numerous cafés, restaurants and usual big city attractions (markets, museums, festivals, etc) all within reasonable walking distance of one another in the downtown core. And if only in town for a few days, make sure to visit Old Montréal and the Notre Dame Basilica (the featured picture).

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