A fitness ‘expo’se

Another World Fitness Expo has come and gone and a week later I am still processing all that I have taken in over three days of workshops, lectures and product demos.

I have been attending the annual fitness conference in Toronto for several years and always manage to find myself in sessions that speak to my personal and professional fitness journey. This year the theme seemed to be mind/body fitness, functional workouts and healthy aging. Here are a few takeaways:

  • Nasal breathing helps give you energy, makes you strong, supports immunity, improves posture and is good for dental health.
  • Chair yoga is quite challenging! It’s not just for seniors.
  • Barre workouts (ballet-inspired) are trending.
  • A healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management and sufficient sleep are still key elements to longevity and good health.
  • Effective workouts include everyday movement patterns, intense bouts of work and periods of recovery and rest.

To maintain my fitness certification I need to regularly amass continuing education credits. Not only do I learn about the latest research and trends, I also get tips and tools for my own wellness lifestyle.

Fitness, like health, is not static. It requires constant updating and variety. When was the last time you changed your workout…?

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