Wellness Wednesday – A To-Be list

To-do lists are all about taking action. Some people like checking things off a list while others may stress at a list full of things to accomplish. How about switching things up and making a to-be list?

Throughout the day take notice of the following and at the end of the day reflect on which ones you felt:

  • peaceful (In spite of what’s happening in your internal and external environments are you able to feel at peace ie without stress, worry, anxiety, for a period of time?)
  • grateful (Are there things, however ‘big’ or ‘small’ for which you are thankful? eg. family/friends, good health, decadent chocolate dessert)
  • mindful (Are you fully aware as you go about your business or do you operate on autopilot? It’s amazing what we notice when we really pay attention.)
  • joyful (What makes you happy? This can change from day-to-day and is often fleeting.)

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