Happy Eostre

Like other big name holidays in the Christian calendar, Easter is said to have Pagan roots.

Eostre is the name of a pre-Christian goddess who was celebrated at the spring equinox. She has been associated with sunrise, spring and fertility.

Easter is arguably the most important Christian holiday and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

The change of seasons is an ideal time to set some new health goals. To help your body transition from the heaviness of winter to the lightness of spring here’s a triple F treatment that keeps with the theme of renewal at this time of year.


With warmer weather get outside and walk/hike/bike. A tour around a park is a nice way to take in the first signs of spring.


And while you’re walking in the park, take in the healing effects of plants. When in the city opt for body lotions that contain skin-friendly floral essential oils: neroli, rose, geranium, Roman chamomile.


Make a transition to more baby greens, raw salads and other nutrient-dense spring vegetables (hello asparagus!) in your diet.

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