Kiss me, I’m one-tenth Irish

Or something like that. Celebrating my minuscule Irish heritage as I do every year by baking up a storm.


The popular culinary narrative of Ireland includes potatoes, Guinness and cabbage. I utilize them all as creatively as I can every March. But with any indulgence should come healthy habits for a balanced lifestyle.

After my workout on St. Patty’s Day I taste tested my chocolate Guinness cupcake with Irish cream icing and 24K Gold flecks. Maybe not the best choice of post workout fuel but food should be an enjoyable experience as well as being necessary for sustenance.

To offset the occasional indulgence, should you choose to do so (apparently there are people in this world who are ‘sugar-free’), a generous daily serving of nutritious greens and a commitment to a workout plan are key. Aim to include some greens at every meal eg. add some to your soup, omelette, sandwich, pasta, muffin etc; perhaps a green smoothie for St. Patty’s Day! Do at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. Compound exercises are ideal as they save you time by working multiple muscle groups all at once (eg squats, lunges, push-ups). Staying active is also helpful so use the stairs and walk everywhere when feasible.

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