Travel & Nutrition – Pros and cons

Out of the sauna and into the deep freeze
From Belize to -18 below.

I was planning to make a bee line for the Tim’s when I got off the plane but was easily lured to the poutine truck set up in the arrivals area. Food cravings after travel can be the desire for a taste of home or a hankering for your favourite food that you couldn’t get abroad. Another consideration for post travel food are probiotics. These can be found in fermented foods and supplements.

The digestive and immune systems have an important connection to one another; a healthy gut is needed for effective immunity. Probiotics assist by populating the gut with healthy flora. Probiotics are naturally found in certain foods (yoghurt, sauerkraut, soy sauce, kefir) and they can also be ingested in supplement form.

It was recommended to take probiotics (in the form of yoghurt) after my conventional treatment for pneumonia. They help reset the intestinal flora (healthy gut bacteria) disturbed by a round of antibiotics. The digestive system can also be disturbed during travel when it is exposed to food and food preparation methods to which it is not accustomed.

So upon your return home and after indulging yourself in foods that you craved while away, may I also suggest adding probiotics to the must-have foods post travel.

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  1. I love trying the local yogurt everywhere I visit! It’s really “tangy” (!) in rural Mongolia!

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