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Just travel! Air etiquette

After much air travel, I have noticed certain behaviours that could use some, ahem, improvement. To help make a more pleasant flight for all, here are some of my air etiquette tips. Please don’t take the use of the second person pronoun personally if these tips don’t apply to you.

  • Before reclining your seat, check to see if the person behind you is out of the way first (not eating or bent over, etc.)
  • Stand away from the luggage carousel until you see your luggage coming on the conveyor belt. Then move in and grab your bag.
  • When going through security, be prepared by having your liquids in a clear plastic bag and electronics ready for their journey into the X-ray machine.
  • When ready to board and instructed to have your boarding pass and photo ID ready, have your boarding pass and photo ID ready. Also try to board in the order requested (usually by aisle after those in business class and requiring extra assistance have boarded).
  • Once on the plane find your seat (the seat assigned to you not the one you wish you had), stow your carry-on items in the appropriate place and seat yourself as quickly as possible to mitigate aisle congestion.
  • Pay attention to the safety video, please, especially if you are seated in the emergency aisle seats.
  • During take-off and landing buckle up, return your seats to their upright position and only stand up when it is safe to do so. A taxiing plane either to or from the gate is not a safe time to stand up.
  • Set your devices in airplane mode lest they interfere with the aircraft.
  • Contribute to the cleanliness of the plane by disposing of all your garbage when the garbage collection makes its rounds.

Well this is a good start for now. I’m sure I can add more to the list.

Anything you’d like to see done differently…?

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