Wellness Wednesday – Moonshine

Once in a blue moon.

That expression comes from the phenomenon of having two full moons in one calendar month. January 2018 is one such case (1st and 31st).

Much has been said about the moon’s effect, some unsubstantiated (moon’s influence on bizarre behaviour i.e. ‘lunacy’) and some not (effect on large bodies of water i.e. high tides). There are also ancient beliefs and modern ‘alternative’ practices regarding the moon’s cycles.

As the moon waxes, it is a time for increasing (eg. gaining knowledge) and while the moon wanes it is a time for decreasing (eg. decluttering). A full moon is a time for manifestation (setting new goals/intentions). In keeping in tune with nature’s cycles, why not borrow from the moon to create practices for health and wellness. Here is a simple example:

Full moon – Desire for good health

Waning/decreasing – Unhealthy habits, diet, etc.

Waxing/increasing – Healthy eating habits, regular exercise routine

Every full moon can be used to revisit this goal; adjust as needed.

I personally love a full moon. With curtains open at night I position myself to bathe in the moonlight. (I love the sun too but avoid the direct path of its rays.) I also burn beeswax candles and essential oils every full moon. Any rituals you perform during a full moon? 

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