Nutrition & Travel: Melikam Gena (I think)

Today January 7th 2018 is Ethiopian Christmas. According to the following site Melikam Gena, means Merry Christmas.

While Genna or Ganna is the Christmas holiday, Timkat is the big celebration that takes place January 19th. It is akin to the Epiphany, recognized on some calendars January 6th.

Ethiopia is one of those up and coming destinations that more and more people are travelling to. It offers a rich and legendary history, numerous wildlife, striking scenery and various cultures. It is one of only two countries in Africa never to have been colonized. Check with travel authorities to see when it is suitable to travel here.

And if you are vegetarian/vegan and travelling to Ethiopia check out this post from the WWT sister site Weal Food on the kind of food you can expect to find.

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