Fitty cent

Now is a good time as any to introduce my new project:

Fitspirational at 50 

With New Years 2018 less than eight hours away the ubiquitous resolutions are right around the corner. Though cliché, January 1st is a good time to set some solid goals. Here’s the background for Fitspirational at 50. 

I grew up with the narrative that aging sucks. Laments over a mid-life crisis, spinsterhood and the inevitable breakdown of the physical and mental body are just some of the commonly held concerns about getting old. With knowledge of nutrition and advances in medicine, people are living longer these days and the stereotypical signs of aging  are delayed.

With age comes wisdom (apparently) or at least a different way of looking at things. At this point in my life I am coming around to the idea that getting old is a privilege. In the developing world people tend to have short life spans while in the developed world a number of people die prematurely due to disease, accidents and crime. My brother would have been 50 in 2017 but he died 25 years short of that mark. If all goes well I will make it to that golden age in a few years time and if I take care of myself it could be an enjoyable age. Instead of planning for a milestone birthday celebration I plan to be in the best health of my life for my fiftieth birthday (and beyond).

Stay tuned for periodic posts of my Fitspirational at 50 campaign; sharing my journey of aging as I near the big 5-0.

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