The 12 days of fitness

These posts are turning into the Letterman show. Here is another list, not a top ten one, but a list all the same.

Exercise and busy times don’t always mix well. Being creative and efficient with one’s fitness routine can make it more enjoyable and thus easier to comply with on a daily business. No need to celebrate Christmas or commit to the annual New Year’s resolution fitness goals in order to try my 12 days of fitness routine.

Begin December 25th and end on January 6th. Just like the song, The 12 days of Christmas, add the next exercise then repeat all previous exercises each day. By day 12 you will be doing all 12 exercises in one epic routine. Write each exercise on a sticky note or calendar and post where you can refer to them. It may be helpful to do the routine the same time everyday. Feel free to stay active (walking, taking the stairs, etc.) and keep doing your regular workouts while working through my 12 days of fitness.

  1. patridge in a pear tree: tree-pose (30 seconds a leg for a total of one minute)
  2. turtle doves: two stepping lunges
  3. French hens: three hip bridges
  4. calling birds: four bird dogs (on hands and knees lift opposite leg and arm at same time)
  5. golden rings: five burpees
  6. geese a laying: six squats
  7. swans a swimming: seven front crawls (lie on your stomach and squeeze butt to keep feet and hips on floor; lift chest while doing the front crawl swim stroke)
  8. maids a milking: eight bicycle crunches
  9. ladies dancing: nine plié squats
  10. lords a leaping: ten jumping jacks
  11. pipers piping: eleven chest pushups
  12. drummers drumming: twelve mountain climbers

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