Just travel! Wolfville Nova Scotia

The town is buzzing. There’s even traffic in both directions on Main Street. It’s Saturday in Wolfville and the farmers’ market is on. Like bees flocking to pollen-rich flowers, the people head to the Saturday morning market in search of the sweet nectar of the Annapolis valley. Wolfville is located in the centre area of the main land part of Nova Scotia about one hour’s drive north of Halifax.








If you can make it here in summer, the strawberries are sweet in July, the blueberries abundant in August and you may even get a chance to experience a little summer weather. Other things to do in Wolfville include a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grand Pré, go haskap berry picking, attend the food film festival in autumn, go hiking at Cape Split and see the Bay of Fundy-home to the world’s highest tides, check out the Minas Basin (part of the Bay of Fundy system) located adjacent to the town centre, take a stroll through the town and on the university grounds of Acadia, indulge in local craft beers and other culinary delights, tour some wineries, or visit the  flagship location of Just Us!  (and accompanying chocolate museum!)-Canada’s first fair-trade coffee roaster.

Turmeric milk and oatcake at Just Us
Credit: Kimberley (c) 2016



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  1. Hi Kimberley, I live in Wolfville and just completely love it here. I also love world travel though. So cool to find your post about things and places I touch and see and experience daily.

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