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Just travel! Staycations suck

My social media feeds have been inundated lately with people cheesing away in far off lands: Italy, India, Tanzania. And I think “why not me? I’m the one with wanderlust coursing through my veins.” So far this year my only vacation has been a staycation and it sucks.

What is a staycation?

A staycation or ‘holistay’ is a vacation spent close to home. It often includes touring local attractions and spending leisure time at home.

What are they good for?

It is a way to experience being on vacation when time and money are tight. The currency, language and culture are familiar and there is no jet lag to deal with.

Why do they suck?

Once in awhile, a staycation is a sensible option. However, once the novelty wears off and you have done enough of them, there is nothing new to discover. The joy of travel, for those of us with type ‘w’ blood (wanderlust), is going somewhere completely different and often very far away. Wanderlust, like blood, needs to be in circulation, moving around and travelling great distances.

So what do you do? 

Travel is the obvious answer. Trips require planning so reading about travel, watching tv programs about particular destinations and researching places you intend to travel are ways to keep your heart and head still engaged with travel.

Don’t call it a dream; call it a plan. ~Unknown~

Perhaps a little creepy, but do some plane spotting. Hang out at the airport and pretend you are going somewhere. Relive past travels by pouring over your travel photos, joining a travel club and blogging about your adventures.

So how do you support your wanderlust when unable to travel? 

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