Happy Earth Day 2017!

The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 and has grown in  scope and popularity. It is credited with starting the environmental movement and is recognized worldwide. The mission for Earth Day network is “Building the world’s largest environmental movement” and the theme for 2017 is “environmental and climate literacy.”


Here are a few things you can do to support

  • Eat a plant-based diet. Animal agriculture is taxing on the environment.
  • Walk/ride a bike as much as possible. Not only is it good exercise for you it also saves the emission of carbon fuel into the atmosphere from vehicle use.
  • Power down. Turn off electronics overnight and use the minimum amount of light needed for your evening activities. Invest in energy smart appliances.
  • Take advantage of the longer days of sunshine and use natural light to go about your business. Uncovered windows are all the light you need for the office or schoolroom during the day.
  • Get minimalist. Reduce waste by recycling and reusing items.
  • Plant bee-friendly plants.
  • Support forestation projects. The world can use more trees!

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