Just Travel! Egg hunt

In places where Christianity is dominant, Holy Week happens the week before Easter. It starts with Palm Sunday; then Good Friday gives way to Holy Saturday culminating in Easter Sunday.

Easter is considered the most important festival in the Christian faith. It is a moveable feast and so falls on a different calendar date each year. The date also varies depending on the particular denomination that recognizes Easter.

Whether you are religious or not, religion and its festivals and places of worship figure heavily in the travellers’ must-see list. If you’re curious and wish to experience various cultural interpretations of Easter check out the following destinations.

  • Semana Santa, Spain
  • Italy
  • Vatican City
  • Greece*
  • Ethiopia*

*For the orthodox Christians in Greece and Ethiopia, Easter is often celebrated on their own dates.

And if you can get there safely, there is always Jerusalem for the ultimate celebration.


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