Ellie Hubert

Just travel! Did you miss us?

Lately I’ve been blogging as much as I’ve been travelling: zilch. Work and finances seem to have a habit of getting in the way. But, like rest and recovery in an exercise program, a break can help one come back stronger.

While I currently have no immediate travel plans, I do have changes in the works for Weal World Travel.

  • A companion website for the blog is being developed.
  • New series about to be launched soon with the opportunity for guest contributors.
  • Wellness workshops are in the planning stages. Stay tuned for how you can participate.
  • Wellness Wednesdays will now be more interactive than informational. Wellness, after all, is a regular feature of this blog, not just for mid-week.

It was in Tunisia where I formulated the idea of a travel wellness site. Like any idea, it continues to evolve and grow. I’ve come to realize that travel and wellness have been the driving forces behind much of what I do ever since I can remember. They are not just hobbies, but a lifestyle.

The current evolution of Weal World Travel is to actively promote travel and wellness as a lifestyle through blogging about it, providing wellness services and continuing my travel and educational experiences. Ellie Hubert is back for the occasion to share her travel experiences of Tunisia.


And here it is in (digital) print: revised goals for WWT. 

  • Regular weekly posts.
  • Have travel wellness articles published in paying publications.
  • Website and wellness workshops to go live in 2017.
  • More travel!


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