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Just travel! Just in case

For your peace of mind in travel…

Insurance, it’s one of those pesky add-ons that usually brings travel expenses to the edge of your financial comfort zone. But is it really necessary? In a word, yes. It’s one of those things you’re glad you have if you ever need to use it.

Insurance can cover a number of unforeseen incidents eg. medical emergencies, accidents, death and dismemberment. There is coverage for medical and trip cancellation/interruption; comprehensive covers both. Tour companies and airlines typically offer their own coverage at the time of booking. Check also with your bank and credit card  for coverage.

I always buy travel insurance and have used it twice over the many years in which I’ve been travelling. Most of my money was refunded (less a non-refundable deposit for a tour).

While it may seem like an expense you can live without, the small cost* more than pays for itself by saving you the exorbitant fees for out-of-pocket expenses.

*For a trip costing $5000, you could pay around $100 in insurance, depending on the plan, details of your trip, and your personal health status.

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