Wellness Wednesday – A month of meditations: A walk on the quiet side

*Due to unforeseen technical difficulties,Wellness Wednesday is being brought to you on a Thursday. 

It’s the last Wednesday of the year and the last instalment in the WWT month of meditations. This week the focus is a walking meditation.

Pick your preferred location: treadmill, beach, nature walking trail. The idea is to have a clear, defined and compact path. Avoid distractions eg listening to music, chatting with someone while you perform the following meditation.

Walk your circuit once at an easy pace. This should only take a few minutes as you will be tracing the same path throughout the meditation.

After doing your warm up lap, focus on your breathing on the next lap: inhale every 5 steps and exhale every 5 steps. Continue to coordinate your breathing with your steps throughout the meditation. You may have to alter how many steps per inhalation and exhalation but keep an easy pace; this is not a sprint.

Once you’ve followed the route a few times, focus on your feet. Do you step one foot in front of the other? Is your stride equal on both sides? What is your foot placement: heel-toe, toe-heel? Do you pronate or supinate (inside edge of foot rolls in or outside edge rolls out)? Do you land with a thud or land gently? What is the feeling in your shins, knees, thighs, hips, back?

It’s just you, your comfortable shoes and a walking meditation. If outside, dress appropriately for the weather so you are comfortable. Being too hot or too cold is a distraction. Do this for 15 minutes and leave your mobile device at home.

See you next year for more Wellness Wednesdays!


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