Have Kit, Will Travel Weal

Here are suggestions for some natural remedies to include in a standard first aid kit.

  • arnica cream for pain
  • aloe vera gel for burns
  • calendula lotion for skin healing
  • honey, both a topical and ingested form
  • hand sanitizer, all natural
  • rehydration salts and electrolyte solution
  • bug ‘repellent’ perfume
  • topical ointment for muscle pain/strain
  • vitamins, a multivitamin and specific ones for particular needs
  • peppermint and ginger candy for nausea
  • essential oil blend to help boost immunity
  • lemon juice to add to drinking water
  • water purification tablets
  • a mini travel kit of essential oils

You can customize your kit depending on where you travel, how long you will be there and the activities you will do. A standard first aid kit can be purchased from a pharmacy, travel health clinic or outdoor gear/camping store. Alternatively, you can make your own.

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