Wellness Wednesday -You down with NHP? ( Yeah you know me)

November 7-13, 2016 is National Health Products (NHP) week.

It is a time to “celebrate” natural health products and the benefits they impart on health and well-being. This year recognizes the four pillars that intersect to promote immunity: nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and sleep. Suggestions and examples for each pillar are listed on the CHFA website.


CHFA – Canadian Health Food Association, a trade association devoted to natural health and organic products.

Finding natural ways to cultivate eating, exercise, sleep and stress management practices can have beneficial effects on one’s health and well-being thus helping to ward off sickness and its ill effects.

nutrition – eat whole foods in as natural a state as possible; aim for a sufficient intake of B vitamins, zinc, probiotics and vitamin C and D; the old standby remedies of garlic and honey do work

exercise – stay active daily; go for walks; engage in a regular workout routine; make sure to do exercises for cardio, core, flexibility and resistance training

mindfulness – manage stress with aromatherapy; focus on the present moment; resist urge to expend energy on being anxious about things you can’t control

sleep – aim to get a sound night’s sleep; see the following for some sleep tips


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