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There are ways that travelling with modern technology has its advantages. It can help cut down on the weight of your luggage and provide portable (and disposable) entertainment and information.

No need to bring along copious reading material and worry about what to do with these items once you are done with them. Laptops, iPads and tablets can be used to download guidebooks and books/magazines for pleasure reading. Some libraries also offer the option to borrow materials that can be downloaded on your device. You can also peruse local newspapers online, though some may charge a fee for full access.

The smallness of these modern devices makes them fit nicely in your carry-on. Remember to remove them from your bag and place in plastic bin when going through security.

What’s your preferred device for travel?

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  1. Loved my eReader (Kobo). Unfortunately, one day it would no longer charge, and after one year they won’t fix it. I tried to go to other cell phone stores/electronic stores, but no one could help. So now I read my books on my cell phone. 😦 I miss it, but I don’t believe in disposable technology.

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