Wellness Wednesday – Everyday fitness

It may be difficult to stick to a rigorous workout routine when travelling or maintaining a busy schedule. Fitness, however, can still be incorporated into your daily activities without special equipment and with little time required.

  • Consciously apply alignment principles when sitting or standing. Pull shoulder blades together, engage abs (pull belly button towards spine) and keep head lifted so that the middle of your ears is directly over your shoulders. Good posture is the basis for functional movement and injury prevention.
  • Perform a sun salutation in the morning to coax awake your muscles and nervous system. In the evening, do some relaxation poses in bed before you fall asleep (eg. child’s pose, seated forward bend, happy baby pose).
  • Walk whenever possible and wear appropriate shoes.
  • Take the stairs; challenge yourself by sprinting up or down the stairs and/or stepping on every second or third stair (ie a lunge walk).
  • Do core work (sit-ups, plank/hover, etc) during commercial breaks when watching t.v.

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