Wellness Wednesday – Aromas in the house

Wellness Wednesday

As the summer winds down there will be less time for me to spend outdoors, particularly in one of my favourite environments i.e. amongst the trees. Aromatherapy is one way to help bring the outdoors inside so I can at least pretend I am out in nature.

An aromatherapy blend of tree oils and flowers can be used in a diffuser, as a body spray/lotion or in a piece of aromatherapy jewellery (i.e. a necklace or ring where a few drops of essential oils can be placed). Blends for individual use are personal. Pick from the following list to make a customized blend for yourself.

Tree oils: black spruce, balsam fir, pine, eucalyptus (blue or white gum)
Flower oils: jasmine, rose, ylang ylang

Generally, the ratio is 1:2 for tree oils to flower oils. Remember less is more; there should be no more than 6 drops in total for a 5mL size container.  Or have an aromatherapist mix a blend for you.



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