Wellness Wednesday – Wellness on a Shoestring

I usually have a routine and can easily indulge my wellness practices while at home. However, when travelling it is not so easy to stick to my usual fitness, nutrition and aromatherapy plan. Here are some suggestions on how to be well on a shoestring.


  • Run out of chemical-free hand sanitizer?  Get some witch hazel from the pharmacy and mix with a couple of drops each of essential oil of lavender and tea tree.
  • Add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to liquid soap and take as hot a shower as possible for an invigorating steam treatment.

Culinary Nutrition

  • Get some fresh bread at the local market along with some salad greens and dip of your choice e.g. hummus, baba ghanouj. Make a sandwich by spreading some dip on the bread with the washed salad greens. You’ll have a generous portion of vegetables with some protein, carbs and fat.


  • Walk first thing every morning to get the blood flowing. Twenty minutes will do.
  • Do a yoga-inspired stretch before bedtime to help relax you and your muscles prior to sleep.
  • Every other day perform a couple sets each of squats, lunges and push-ups. On the other days do some planks/hovers and bicycle for core.

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